My Media

Recent Music

Video: Technical demonstration of an adaptive music system I coded in Unreal Engine 4 to leverage procedural audio for multidimensional state machines.
Video: Technical demonstration of four Max for Live devices that work together in Ableton Live to parametrically morph a looped composition.
Video: The Planet’s Crying – composed in response to global warming and rampant California wildfires.
Video: Process Variations – composed for piano trio and humorous narration that is process to sound like a digital AI is coming to life.

Video: Framed – rescoring of the Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoon The Detective using only synthetic sounds.
Video: Blight – composed for string quartet as a musical retelling of Link’s journey to save the corrupted Divine Beasts throughout Hyrule.
Video: #GenerationNation – minimalist composition that experiments with using procedural audio to drive animation in real-time.

Video: Syncphony – audiovisual composition using edited clips from the classic science-fiction film Metropolis.

Technological Experiments

Video: An early technical demonstration of my Unreal Engine 4 procedural audio system where music intensity increases as players are shooting.
Video: An early technical demonstration of my Unreal Engine 4 procedural audio system where music density in tonality change with the time of day.
Video: Professional sound design demo reel showing standard and experimental methods of game audio implementation.
Video: Designed an interactive sound stage with Max/MSP for the audience of EDGE Sound Research‘s Aurora installation to walk across.

Video: Max/MSP patch that algorithmically generates a new serialized composition with the click of a button.


Video: Prototype of a hybrid wavetable/FM synthesizer in Max/MSP.
Video: Nylon-string guitar sampler built with JUCE.
Video: Prototype of an intelligent monophonic bassline generator.
Video: Prototype of a parametric drum sequencer.

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