About Me

Image: Me performing with an Xbox 360 controller using Max for Live in Ableton
Image: Me performing with an Xbox 360 controller using Max for Live in Ableton

I work with sound.

I spontaneously create it from 1’s and 0’s, molding it like clay with the latest signal processors. I organize it into aesthetically pleasing frequency patterns along the fourth dimension, invoking the experience of total elation…

Woah, sorry! That’s the audio programmer in me talking.

I am a composer.

A native of the East Coast, I made the cliché move across the country to the City of Angels five years ago to pursue a longshot dream of becoming a video game composer. And I did it! For a spell. During my time working as a composer and sound designer for F84 Games in Van Nuys, CA, I discovered a passion for the implementation of interactive audio.

I am a scholar.

Embracing this new career path, I continued along my graduate track at the University of California, Riverside, receiving my doctorate in Digital Composition in September 2021. So that’s me–ready to discuss the intricacies of twelve tone theory, the applications of FM synthesis in Sega Genesis games, and methods of anti-aliasing in digital sampling–assuming I’m not too busy playing Hearthstone Battlegrounds.

But when I’m not working, I’m a…


AYCE sushi, and I’m currently on the hunt for the best breakfast burrito in Orange County, CA.


I spend a lot of time at Disneyland, but I thrive on exploring new places to hike and get some R & R.

lover of deep lore

Be careful, or I might talk your head off about why Star Wars: Rebels is the pinnacle of the series.